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Employees at HGA are accomplished, well-rounded and come from diverse backgrounds and experiences. We foster an atmosphere of support through mentorship, collaboration, and on-going training programs. If you're interested in being successful, experiencing professional growth, and achieving excellence, you've come to the right place!

Hunt, Guillot & Associates is an Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Veterans/Disabled.

Current Open Positions

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Job TitleCityStatePosition Type
Assistant Project Manager (HGA-BR)Baton RougeLouisianaFull-Time Regular
Disaster Recovery Grant Reporting System (DRGR) Support Specialist (HGA-BR)RaleighNorth CarolinaDefined Project Employee
E&I Designer I (HGA-R)RustonLouisianaFull-Time Regular
Electrical Engineer - Design (HGA-BR)Baton RougeLouisianaFull-Time Regular
Electrical Engineering Intern (HGA-R)RustonLouisianaPart-Time
Grant Manager (HGA-BR)Baton RougeLouisianaFull-Time Regular
Grant Specialist (HGA-PR)Puerto RicoFull-Time Regular
Grant Specialist (HGA-PR)San JuanPuerto RicoDefined Project Employee
Hazard Mitigation Assistance-Benefit/Cost Analysis Specialist (HGA-BR)Baton RougeLouisianaDefined Project Employee
Hazard Mitigation Assistance-Program Liaison (HGA-BR)Baton RougeLouisianaDefined Project Employee
Hazard Mitigation Assistance-Senior Advisor (HGA-BR)Baton RougeLouisianaDefined Project Employee
Hazard Mitigation Assistance-Technical Liaison (HGA-BR)Baton RougeLouisianaDefined Project Employee
Mechanical Engineer (HGA-R)RustonLouisianaFull-Time Regular
Program/Business Manager (HGA-BR)Baton RougeLouisianaFull-Time Regular
Program/Business Manager (HGA-BR)Puerto RicoFull-Time Regular
Project Controls Specialist (HGA-R)RustonLouisianaFull-Time Regular
Project Engineer (HGA-BR)Baton RougeLouisianaFull-Time Regular
Project Manager (HGA-R)RustonLouisianaDefined Project Employee - LT
Senior Grant Manager (HGA-BR)Baton RougeLouisianaFull-Time Regular
Senior Piping Designer/Checker (HGA-BR)Baton RougeLouisianaFull-Time Regular
Structural Designer I (HGA-H)HoustonTexasFull-Time Regular
Structural Engineer (HGA-H)The WoodlandsTexasFull-Time Regular
Structural Engineer (HGA-R)RustonLouisianaFull-Time Regular