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Employees at HGA are accomplished, well-rounded and come from diverse backgrounds and experiences. We foster an atmosphere of support through mentorship, collaboration, and on-going training programs.

If you're interested in being successful, experiencing professional growth, and achieving excellence, you've come to the right place!

Hunt, Guillot & Associates is an Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Veterans/Disabled.

Current Open Positions
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Job TitleCityStatePosition Type
Facilities Manager - Building Envelope and Roof Engineering (HGAS)Full-Time Regular
Maintenance Superintendent - Mechanical Engineer (HGAS)Full-Time Regular
Project Manager - Disaster Relief (HGAS)Full-Time Regular
Building Envelope Consultant (HGAS)Full-Time Regular
Building and Roof Remediation Manager (HGAS)Full-Time Regular
Plant Manager (HGAS)Full-Time Regular
Crude Oil Supply Manager (HGAS)Full-Time Regular
Reliability Engineer (HGAS)Full-Time Regular
Electrical Engineer (HGAS)Defined Project Employee - LT
GIS Specialist/Analyst (HGA - B)BirminghamAlabamaFull-Time Regular
Civil Engineer - Part Time (HGAS)El DoradoArkansasPart-Time
Merchandiser - Pool (HGAS)ChicoCaliforniaTemporary
Project Controls Analyst (HGAS)DenverColoradoStaffing Professionals
(HGA - GA) Survey RodmanAtlantaGeorgiaTemporary
General Pipeline Inspector (HGAS)GeorgiaStaffing Professionals
(HGA - GA) Survey Party ChiefAtlantaGeorgiaDefined Project Employee
(HGA - GA) Survey Instrument PersonAtlantaGeorgiaTemporary
Merchandiser - Pool (HGAS)LouisvilleKentuckyTemporary
E&I Maintenance Supervisor (HGAS)RustonLouisianaFull-Time Regular
Senior Project Cost Engineer (HGAS)LulingLouisianaStaffing Professionals
Civil Engineer - Part Time (HGAS)RustonLouisianaPart-Time
Field InspectorBaton RougeLouisianaDefined Project Employee
Project Manager II (HGA-R)RustonLouisianaFull-Time Regular
Process Safety Management (PSM) Engineer (HGAS)Baton RougeLouisianaStaffing Professionals
Process Safety Management (PSM) Engineer (HGAS)RustonLouisianaStaffing Professionals
Controller (HGAS)Lake CharlesLouisianaFull-Time Regular
Project Manager (HGAS)LouisianaStaffing Professionals
Accounting Manager (HGAS)Lake CharlesLouisianaFull-Time Regular
Design Engineer (HGA-LC)Lake CharlesLouisianaFull-Time Regular
(HGA - LA) Survey RodmanRustonLouisianaTemporary
Pressure Vessel Mechanical Engineer (HGAS)LafayetteLouisianaStaffing Professionals
Lead Design Engineer (HGA-LC)Lake CharlesLouisianaFull-Time Regular
I&E Technician (HGAS)WestlakeLouisianaFull-Time Regular
Pressure Vessel Mechanical Engineer (HGAS)Baton RougeLouisianaStaffing Professionals
Senior Process Control Engineer (HGAS)RustonLouisianaFull-Time Regular
PLC Programmer (HGAS)Baton RougeLouisianaStaffing Professionals
PLC Programmer (HGAS)RustonLouisianaStaffing Professionals
Product Engineer - Power & Recovery (HGAS)RustonLouisianaFull-Time Regular
Maintenance Supervisor - Power & Utilities (HGAS)RustonLouisianaFull-Time Regular
Board Operator - DCS (HGAS)WestlakeLouisianaStaffing Professionals
Lead Estimator (HGAS)Baton RougeLouisianaFull-Time Regular
Gulf Coast Mega LNG Project (HGAS)LALake CharlesStaffing Professionals
Merchandiser - Pool (HGAS)RochesterNew YorkTemporary
Merchandiser - Pool (HGAS)CommackNew YorkTemporary
Senior Facilities Operator (HGAS)Oklahoma CityOklahomaFull-Time Regular
(HGA - OK) Survey RodmanMincoOklahomaTemporary
Measurement / I&E Technician (HGAS)Oklahoma CityOklahomaFull-Time Regular
Facilities Operator (HGAS)Oklahoma CityOklahomaFull-Time Regular
(HGA - OK) Survey Instrument PersonMincoOklahomaTemporary
Piping Designer (HGAS)TulsaOklahomaStaffing Professionals
Piping Designer (HGAS)ConnellsvillePennsylvaniaStaffing Professionals
NACE Coating InspectorExportPennsylvaniaDefined Project Employee
NACE Certified Coating Inspector (HGAS)South CarolinaStaffing Professionals
General Pipeline Inspector (HGAS)South CarolinaStaffing Professionals
Electrical Engineer (HGAS)OrangeTexasFull-Time Regular
Civil Superintendent (HGAS)LaPorteTexasStaffing Professionals
Piping Designer (HGAS)San AntonioTexasStaffing Professionals
Design Engineer (HGA-LC)The WoodlandsTexasFull-Time Regular
(HGA - TX) Survey Instrument PersonPecosTexasTemporary
(HGA - TX) Survey RodmanCatarinaTexasTemporary
(HGA - TX) Survey Party ChiefPecosTexasDefined Project Employee
Field Inspector - Disaster Relief (HGAS)HoustonTexasDefined Project Employee
PLC Programmer (HGAS)HoustonTexasStaffing Professionals
Process Safety Management (PSM) Engineer (HGAS)HoustonTexasStaffing Professionals
Civil Superintendent (HGAS)HoustonTexasStaffing Professionals
Piping Designer (HGAS)HoustonTexasStaffing Professionals
Project Controls Analyst (HGAS)HoustonTexasStaffing Professionals
Lead Estimator (HGAS)HoustonTexasFull-Time Regular
Accounting Manager (HGAS)HoustonTexasFull-Time Regular
Overseas Commissioning Candidates (HGAS)HoustonTexasStaffing Professionals
Project Support Administrator (HGAS)San AntonioTexasStaffing Professionals
Piping Designer (HGAS)Salt Lake CityUtahStaffing Professionals